Microsoft Case Studies Driving Digital Transformations for Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices
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Driving Digital Transformations for Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

 Driving Digital Transformations for Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices - Microsoft Industrial IoT Case Study
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Diagnostic devices play a vital role in helping to improve healthcare delivery. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of the world’s medical decisions are made with support from in vitrodiagnostics (IVD) solutions, such as those provided by Roche Diagnostics, an industry leader. 

As the demand for medical diagnostic services grows rapidly in hospitals and clinics across China, so does the market for IVD solutions. In addition, the typically high cost of these diagnostic devices means that comprehensive post-sales services are needed. 

Wanteed to improve three portions of thr IVD:

1. Remotely monitor and manage IVD devices as fixed assets.

2. Optimizing device availability with predictive maintenance.

3. Recommending the best IVD solution for a customer’s needs.

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Industry leader of IVD solutions
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Roche Diagnostics
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With the Azure IoT solution accelerators and IoT Hub, Cleidon provided Roche Diagnostics with an effective platform to connect and manage its IVD devices intelligently and remotely. In turn, these capabilities enable the company to collect operational data, such as location, in near-real time from those devices. The company can now assess each IVD system’s health data, troubleshoot any issues, and, if problems, can trigger alarms to alert and dispatch supporting teams for service.

Cleidon also developed a way for Roche Diagnostics to precisely schedule the delivery of replacement supplies, so customers can be assured that their IVD systems will operate continuously and efficiently.

In addition, Cleidon plans to build and deploy a preventive maintenance model for Roche Diagnostics IVD installed base, once it has collected sufficient operational data from enough devices via its Microsoft Azure IoT platform. 

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Asset Location, IVD Devices
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[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Monitoring]
Improves monitoring of fixed assets.
[Efficiency Improvement - Management]
Offers better management and provisioning of supplies
[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Utilization]
Advises on optimizing asset utilization with additional solutions.
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