CrowdStrike Case Studies CrowdStrike's IoT Solution Enhances Security for StepStone's Digital Recruitment Platform
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CrowdStrike's IoT Solution Enhances Security for StepStone's Digital Recruitment Platform

CrowdStrike's IoT Solution Enhances Security for StepStone's Digital Recruitment Platform - CrowdStrike Industrial IoT Case Study
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StepStone, a leading digital recruitment platform, was faced with the challenge of ensuring the security of highly sensitive personal information of jobseekers worldwide. As a rapidly expanding business with a growing presence in the U.S. and plans to enter new markets, StepStone was increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated and numerous cyberattacks. The company's existing antivirus products were no longer sufficient to protect against these threats. StepStone's platform delivers over 100 million job applications per year to over 150,000 employers, averaging three million page views and one million site visits in a typical month. The company needed a robust security solution that could effectively protect endpoints, which were identified as typical ingress paths for cyber threats.
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Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the world’s leading digital recruitment platforms, combining AI-powered hiring platforms and digital recruitment services to help companies hire the right talent and help people find the right job. The company is active in more than 20 countries with more than 20 brands and employs around 3,700 people. StepStone is a high-profile online business that has built a leading digital recruitment platform delivering more than 100 million job applications per year to over 150,000 employers. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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StepStone chose CrowdStrike for its comprehensive and easy-to-use solution set. CrowdStrike offered a single, unified dashboard, next-generation antivirus protection, and a cloud-based solution, which proved to be a particularly important asset during the pandemic lockdown. StepStone deployed the suite of CrowdStrike solutions to 3,600 client and server endpoints across the business. CrowdStrike's heuristic approach, which looks at behavior as well as known threats, was a key factor in StepStone's decision. The company also leveraged CrowdStrike's ability to easily integrate with other security tools and related functions to deploy Falcon Firewall Management and Falcon Device Control to manage USB devices. The next phase will see StepStone deploying CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight to streamline vulnerability management across their enterprise.
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StepStone views CrowdStrike as a key part of its security and threat mitigation strategy, especially for managing, monitoring and controlling endpoints. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform has a light footprint on the business while enabling operational continuity. The unified dashboard provides a wealth of information and real-time vulnerability analysis. The partnership with CrowdStrike has reduced the maintenance burden and means StepStone spends much less time on security management. The team has not had to rebuild any clients because the Falcon platform has blocked attacks, and its skilled engineers can spend more time developing and improving business and customer-facing systems and services. CrowdStrike is seen as an invisible enabler, quietly protecting behind the scenes, giving StepStone the confidence that they have the right solution.
Delivered an easy, seamless deployment to 3,600 endpoints in six weeks
Overhead dropped to under 1% of endpoint processing power
Combined automated and human intelligence to deliver robust threat mitigation
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