GrammaTech Case Studies Crank Software Achieves DevSecOps Success With CodeSonar
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Crank Software Achieves DevSecOps Success With CodeSonar

Crank Software Achieves DevSecOps Success With CodeSonar - GrammaTech Industrial IoT Case Study
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Crank Software wanted a high-performance static application security testing (SAST) tool to advance the integrity of its code. It was critical that they found a solution that was not just technically sophisticated, but one that could be easily integrated into their cultural, technical ecosystem, and DevSecOps workflow. This includes a vigilant team of around 40 developers, including junior coders who employ a “test early and often” mentality and operate with a mindset of delivering strong, reliable, and secure code.

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Crank Software, Inc. is an innovator of embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Their products and services enable R&D teams and user interface (UI) designers in industries like the medical and automotive fields to quickly and collaboratively develop rich, animated UIs for resource-constrained embedded devices.

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Crank Software, Inc.

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Advanced SAST tools like GrammaTech CodeSonar protect against code quality errors and security vulnerabilities while advancing DevSecOps. CodeSonar is designed to support large development teams and can easily be “dropped” in and integrated into the software development life cycle process. Purpose-built for developers, it’s a deep, detailed tool that puts an organization on the path to DevSecOps adoption, while finding critical vulnerabilities and quality issues -- building-in security at every stage of the process.

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The Crank Software team implemented the CodeSonar advanced static

analysis capabilities into their process to efficiently find and fix quality and

security issues within their code.

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