Covisint Case Studies Covisint Improves Mitsubishi's Collaboration With Its Supply Chain
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Covisint Improves Mitsubishi's Collaboration With Its Supply Chain

Covisint Improves Mitsubishi's Collaboration With Its Supply Chain - Covisint Industrial IoT Case Study
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Mitsubishi sought to improve supplier relationships on a global basis and to offer an easy-to-use solution to interact with them. In August 2004, Mitsubishi selected Covisint’s platform to help improve sharing of information and collaborative business processes with its global suppliers. Covisint enabled Mitsubishi to provide its suppliers with immediate access to information and applications to obtain more collaborative working relationships

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It was Mitsubishi’s goal to provide the supply base with every opportunity to advance performance and understanding of supplier-related requirements of its own company and its affi liates worldwide. Using a common framework and interface, Covisint’s platform globally integrated cross-functional online applications, which provided suppliers with one, single point-of-access and contact. The multi-phase agreement began with the deployment of the solution in Japan to approximately 1,200 Mitsubishi suppliers. Covisint worked with Mitsubishi to recruit the suppliers using their deployment team to access the Mitsubishi supplier portal in any one of seven languages, including Japanese.

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Connectivity Status, Supplier Network, Supply Chain Optimization
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[Efficiency Improvement - Time To Market]
Registered users have access to individual applications and procurementrelated information as well as the portal pages of Mitsubishi Motors’ major locations. Internet-based applications enable Mitsubishi’s supplier partners to become thoroughly networked with Mitsubishi, offering reduced timeto-market, increased process quality and more.
[Cost Reduction - Operation]
In particular, these advantages have led to cost savings for both Mitsubishi and suppliers. In just 90 days, Covisint’s platform provided a secure infrastructure based on the Covisint federated identity management model to help ensure the security of Mitsubishi information and applications. This includes integrated automotive-specifi c applications for sharing a library of documents and secure bulletin broadcasts to increase the visibility of information across the supply chain and achieve better decisions with current, real-time information.
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
By leveraging Covisint’s platform, Mitsubishi avoided the expense and time to develop a portal internally and accelerated the rollout of its internal applications to suppliers. The portal enables a single global access point to all online applications as well as easy navigation and processing of system transactions.
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