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Connected Field Services - ThingLogix Industrial IoT Case Study
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McKinley faced several challenges to implement these product improvements: - Which device hardware is best? - How do they connect their products and put them online? - How will their products communicate? - Which sensor protocols work best? - How will they develop the proper visualizations? - How do we integrate it with their field service technology? - How do they set up rules and their associated actions?

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McKinley Elevator Corporation is a primary leader in the fast growing market of residential and commercial accessibility products. Since 1948, McKinley has provided exceptional service and has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality products
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McKinley Elevator Corporation
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ThingLogix first helped McKinley identify the proper embedded hardware and radio frequency technology, used across both products. On-boarded their products onto the ThingWorx platform and integrated incoming data into their ServiceMax org. Setup priority based events and associated alerts and follow up actions. Worked with PTC to develop a ThingWorx dashboard for real-time monitoring.

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Asset Performance, Asset Status Tracking, Connectivity Status, Control System Alert, Service Lifecycle
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
The solution enables monitor for safety and training issues.
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
Within 30 days, ThingLogix joined with ServiceMax and PTC to produce a proof-of-concept for the McKinley.
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