Bright Wolf Case Studies Cold Chain Transportation and Refrigerated Fleet Management System
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Cold Chain Transportation and Refrigerated Fleet Management System

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Cold Chain Transportation and Refrigerated Fleet Management System - Bright Wolf Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Business Operation
Vehicle Telematics

1) Create a digital connected transportation solution to retrofit cold chain trailers with real-time tracking and controls. 2) Prevent multi-million dollar losses due to theft or spoilage. 3) Deliver a digital chain-of-custody solution for door to door load monitoring and security. 4) Provide a trusted multi-fleet solution in a single application with granular data and access controls.

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Transport Wireless Technologies is a leading provider of wireless monitoring devices to the transportation industry. Our solutions provide customers a new level of access to information with products that are easy to understand, install, and service. Driv
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Transport Wireless Technologies
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1) Real time remote monitoring and history of refrigerated trailer location and status. 2) Full two-way control turns units on or o in single or batch mode, changes set points and modes, and performs diagnostics. 3) Geofence programmable remote locking security ensures trailer doors remain locked beyond controlled areas. 4) Analytics applied to operational data and shared through entire organization.

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Fuel Consumption, Per-Unit Maintenance Costs, Temperature, Vehicle Location Tracking, Labor Costs
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[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Utilization]
Better asset utilization through predictive maintenance and data-driven improvement over time.
[Financial Growth - Revenue]
A differentiating digital solution to reduce load loss and increase value through the entire supply chain.
[Efficiency Improvement - Compliance]
Reliable cold chain compliance for food safety and restricted user access through assigned roles.

Significant in-yard fuel savings through batch mode commands for pre-cooling trailers rather than a lengthy manual process.

Just-in-time route planning due to efficient pre-cool enables flexible delivery routes to take advantage of most recent conditions and market needs.

Arrival time notifications ensure load/unload teams are ready and reduce time required to get trucks back on the road.

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