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Carmaker Holds the Keys to Network Security

Carmaker Holds the Keys to Network Security - Huawei Industrial IoT Case Study
Cybersecurity & Privacy - Network Security
Networks & Connectivity - Gateways

FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company (FAW-VW) required a high number of communication terminals due to its rapid development. FAW-VW also faced challenges in security management, IT Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs, and employees work efficiency. FAW-VW needed terminal security protection with reliable access control and user rights management and comprehensive network protection.

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FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company (FAW-VW) is a Chinese joint venture between First Automobile Works (FAW) and Volkswagen Group. The enterprise has almost 20,000 employees working in three major production bases and 500,000 employees working along the veh
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FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company (FAW-VW)
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The Terminal Security Management (TSM) system was installed to divide the intranet into several logical parts, enabling centralized system management and domain-based security protection. Key devices deployed in redundancy mode ensured service continuity. The TSM performed access control on the network, terminals, and network boundaries. Security protection measures, such as user authentication, security check, access control, operation monitoring, emergency response, and log audition, ensure network security. Hardware Components - HUAWEI Terminal Security Management (TSM) system - Security Access Control Gateway (SACG)

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Access Control Status, Communication Performance, Data Security, Security and access
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[Data Management - Cyber Security]
Unified security policy customization is enabled through the TSM system centrally manages FAW-VW’s terminals.
[Data Management - Data Security]
Refining user rights management policies has ensured that users have the access rights to resources only required in their service of operation.
[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to enable more robust analysis and lower costs.
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