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Booth Newpapers - Zscaler Industrial IoT Case Study
Cybersecurity & Privacy - Network Security
With thousands of employees at eight different locations, Booth Newspapers struggled to find a comprehensive solution to secure and manage Internet traffic for all of its employees. Booth was interested in adding Web 2.0 control and additional Anti-Virus measures, requiring three times as many point products and three times as much maintenance overhead in the future.
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Booth Newspapers is a strategic media group that owns eight newspapers in the state of Michigan, including Ann Arbor News and Bay City Times, and maintaining a news website, Mlive.com.
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Booth Newspapers
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Booth Michigan forwarded their Internet-bound traffic to Zscaler nodes, a smooth and hassle-free deployment that bypassed the mess of their existing infrastructure. Zscaler's solution eliminated point products in favor of a comprehensive solution, eliminated the latency of backhauling traffic, have a timely access to reports and protect mobile users from malware.

Hardware Components
- Zscaler node
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[Cost Reduction - IT]
Total cost of ownership is lowered due to reduction in IT
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Employee's efficiency and productivity are improved by providing low latency.
[Data Management - Data Security]
Overall business risks are reduced by implementing URL filtering, anti-virus and security against advanced threats.
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