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Arkessa | Enabling IoT Security - Arkessa Industrial IoT Case Study
Cybersecurity & Privacy - Network Security

The assumption of trust which accompanied the early days of the internet is gone and replaced by privacy and security concerns accompanied with attitudes to risk which rise and fall across different sector and application scenarios. IoT covers a diverse range of services and products deployed in both managed and unmanaged use-cases with varying network topologies which bring different security challenges and new potential for attack.

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Generally appilicable for security authentication for IoT platforms. 
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Only Arkessa staff are authorised to provision your M2M/IoT connections and it’s important that during the provisioning process only the services required for the solution are applied to the subscriptions / SIMs, therefore reducing the risk of unintended or malicious use.

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Traffic from the mobile device is tunnelled through the land based part of the mobile network to the GPRS Gateway Support Node (GGSN).

When a device is configured to use an Arkessa APN the GGSN asks Arkessa for authentication and IP address assignment.

Arkessa’s RADIUS server checks the SIM in the device is allowed to connect and before assigning a private IP address specific to that SIM and enabling data services to begin.

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