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Acoustics Analytics in Manufacturing

Acoustics Analytics in Manufacturing - IBM Industrial IoT Case Study
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Sensors - Acoustic Sensors
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing
Quality Assurance
Predictive Maintenance
System Integration

Maintenance of the production line is timely and costly. Knowing when to maintain an asset for peak performance is critical.

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With acoustic analytics, IBM can listen to equipment to detect faults quickly and recommend maintenance. This applies in many areas of equipment operation, from windmills, trains, lifts and elevators to major industrial machinery.

Acoustics analytics “listens” to the factory equipment and devices and determines if there is a fault by detecting anomalies in the noise it “hears.”

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[Process Optimization - Real Time Monitoring]

This cognitive acoustic IBM application is provided as a service on the Watson IoT Platform. Machine learning builds a knowledge base of sounds to detect anomalies. Combined with hardened mobile solutions, this allows the service’s capabilities to be used in the field at the shop floor level.

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