DataRobot Case Studies Accelerates Data Discovery, Testing, and Deployment
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Accelerates Data Discovery, Testing, and Deployment

Accelerates Data Discovery, Testing, and Deployment - DataRobot Industrial IoT Case Study

As datasets get bigger and data sources more varied, complexity increases and work processes become more time-consuming. Demyst clients need help identifying which external data attributes are predictive in marketing, risk, and portfolio management use cases across the vast ocean of external data.

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Demyst believes that external data is the next frontier of business impact, able to power competitive advantages in industries around the world with improved decisions, new products, and better efficiencies.

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DataRobot AI Cloud, with its ability to generate dozens of models in minutes, and its ability to rapidly identify predictive attributes, accelerates model build time and enables the Demyst team to provide data recommendations and solutions faster than ever before.

With the platform, instead of spending all time building models and taking the time to iterate through five or six combinations, they can now iterate through hundreds of models, and potentially thousands of predictive attributes, in minutes – far better and faster than ever before


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