WinWire Case Studies A centralized data warehouse for unified reporting and analytical needs
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A centralized data warehouse for unified reporting and analytical needs

A centralized data warehouse for unified reporting and analytical needs - WinWire Industrial IoT Case Study
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One of the main challenges was that the company required a centralized data warehouse for unified reporting and analytical requirements. The data was not consolidated properly and its structure was not suitable for user requirements. Besides, reporting process was extremely slow. Individual systems had expanded to the point that information was no longer stored and presented in the centralized manner that could facilitate efficient organizational decisions across the company as a whole.
It was also becoming obvious that a data warehouse should better enable internal and external user access to data and increase the performance of analysis and reporting activities. To evolve its offering from simple data feeds to self-service BI, the company needed a new robust platform that could enable users come out of excel mindset and could take them to exploratory mode for better and faster decision making. The objective was to integrate the line of business applications (On-Premise and SAAS).
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A private company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides electrical engineering and construction services. The company builds commercial, renewable, utility and data center projects for prominent clients in a variety of industries. Ranked one
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WinWire helped the company in envisioning a Power BI based reporting platform which would not only enable Collaboration and Analytics environment using SharePoint Online but would also provide a self-service BI platform.

Highly optimized and scalable architecture was implemented using SQL 2014. Deploying SQL Server for data warehousing in Windows Azure Virtual Machines provided customer with the fastest time to value at the lowest cost. WinWire helped in simplifying the data management and at the same time building secure data models to be consumed by visualization layer. Highly interactive visualization layer was built using Power BI which allowed users discover hidden insights and perform speedy analytics against the line of business data. This solution provided Microsoft Azure (VMs) with SQL Server to help lower the cost of a high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) database solution. The Synchronization of On-Premise AD with O365 simplified the management of the on-premises and cloud identity infrastructure. The company now delivers significant benefits from powerful data warehousing solution that provides aggregate data for reports.
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[Data Management - Data Security]
Centralized data repository, secured data models
[Data Management - Data Visualization]
Highly interactive visualization for insights
[Product Improvement - Flexibility]
Highly optimized and scalable solution utilizing Azure capabilities.
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