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3D Printed Prototypes Streamline Equipment Introduction

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3D Printed Prototypes Streamline Equipment Introduction - 3D Systems Industrial IoT Case Study
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Vauxhall set out to introduce a modified process hanger with a new part that would be used to support each vehicle body throughout the production process. This part is a critical piece and had to perfectly fit both the machinery and the auto body to create correct clearances and avoid damage during production.
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Vauxhall Motors is a British automotive manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in Luton, with more than 4,000 employees.
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Vauxhall Motors
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InfusionTech advised that 3D printed tools using the ProJet 660 Color Jet printing in combination with their infusion machine would deliver the accuracy and strength required to lift entire vehicles down the line during testing.
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[Process Optimization - Procurement]
3D printing allowed Vauxhall to check the accuracy of the CAD design against all vehicle location points on site prior to ordering the cast steel blocks.
[Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]
3D prototyping allows parts to be tested on site to validate that all specifications are met before ordering production.
Without 3D printing technology, Vauxhall estimated that implementation would have been delayed for up to 6 months to secure test components.
Testing the 3D printed blocks on site enabled Vauxhall to identify and resolve a problem with the height of the top location pin when automatically loading one of the model variants.
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