Juniper Networks Case Studies ZettaNet Meets Booming Digital Demand Across Australia
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ZettaNet Meets Booming Digital Demand Across Australia

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ZettaNet Meets Booming Digital Demand Across Australia  - Juniper Networks Industrial IoT Case Study
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Meet the demand for high-capacity network services

The imperative to deliver profitable services has intensified as organizations of all sizes accelerate the use of technology for customer interactions and business operations.

ZettaNet primarily serves managed service providers, who then deliver network, data center and cloud, and voice services to their customers like local businesses, schools, hospitals, residential communities, and government offices in Western and Southern Australia.

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ZettaNet is an Australian network management provider and internet service provider (ISP). ZettaNet provides NBN, fiber-based Ethernet, VoIP, website hosting, data center colocation, and other internet services to customers across Australia.

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Exceptional network services with a local touch

The compact, high-density MX240 platform allows ZettaNet to meet customer demand for high-capacity network services and to connect its Perth and Sydney cloud data centers.

The migration from older Juniper routers was seamless, with no architecture changes.

Customers connect to ZettaNet’s network using Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for next-generation firewall, routing, switching, and WAN connectivity.

The Juniper relationship has been forged for over a decade.

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Simplify operations with network automation

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