Nintex Case Studies Lippuner Digitally Transforms Paper-based Ordering Processes
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Lippuner Digitally Transforms Paper-based Ordering Processes

Lippuner Digitally Transforms Paper-based Ordering Processes - Nintex Industrial IoT Case Study
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Lippuner has nearly 350 employees across four cities. Each employee orders new phones every two years. Their marketing department generates about 450 orders per year across 41 different items—for a total of 18,450 orders. In the past, these orders were processed using paper forms, causing slowdowns and adding time to the process. These outdated processes didn’t comply with the company’s high standards of efficiency.

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The Lippuner EMT AG operates as a full-service provider in the broad field of building technology, energy technology as well as sheet metal and metal processing.

The company structure offers the possibility of working with a consistently high-quality standard, from planning in the in-house engineering department through production in the individual business areas to assembly and maintenance of the various end products.

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To solve the problem, the company needed a frugal solution that made the most of its investment in SharePoint 2013. The new system was up and running quickly, and employees are delighted with its simplicity and speed.

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Lippuner employees save mega-lots of energy that used to be spent filling out and processing paper order forms.

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[Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]

On the marketing side, efficiency improvements are even more significant. Lippuner employees now spend 50% fewer hours per order—on an average of over 18,000 orders—for marketing items each year.

[Cost Reduction - Procurement]

 With its ease of implementation and simple user interface, the new system was quickly adopted by employees—exceeding expected cost savings.

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