OSIsoft Case Studies How CosaTron uses AVEVA Data Hub
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How CosaTron uses AVEVA Data Hub

How CosaTron uses AVEVA Data Hub - OSIsoft Industrial IoT Case Study
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The company used AVEVA Data Hub (formerly OSIsoft Cloud Services) as part of a connected services agreement to offer a new remote air quality monitoring service to its clients. CosaTron gained the ability to compare historical data with real-time for a deeper analysis of indoor air quality trends over time. After a successful pilot phase, CosaTron is now poised to include AVEVA Data Hub as part of its monitoring service to clients to provide them with indisputable evidence of indoor air quality.

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CosaTron systems are installed in every size and type of building around the world. We tailor our solutions and integrate our indoor air quality hardware to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop a custom system for your location and building—and to ensure that you have the finest indoor air quality possible.

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CosaTron systems operate in thousands of facilities ranging from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to the National Library of Japan in Tokyo. The company has sold the same proven technology since 1958, and with the COVID-19 pandemic explosion in 2020, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality became critical to ensure the safety of occupants. As a result, CosaTron created a remote monitoring service to show its clients just how effective its services are, so clients can breathe easily when it comes to air quality.

The remote monitoring display solved one part of CosaTron’s business need, but its leadership realized that monitoring indoor air quality was not effective if building owners and occupants could not have immediate access to air quality themselves to take corrective action. Solving this part of the puzzle would require capturing the data and displaying it in a user-friendly way and in real-time. Real-time results were key because air quality constantly changes as people come and go, and outside air mixes with indoor air. “Good air quality is difficult to see,” said Michael Orcutt, Vice President of sales and engineering at CosaTron.

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CosaTron can now perform analysis of data over time and provide high-value, remote air quality monitoring services for building owners and facilities managers alike, allowing clients to see air quality displays in real time on site.

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