Cloudera Case Studies Numberly: Leveraging Cloudera for Real-Time CRM Optimization
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Numberly: Leveraging Cloudera for Real-Time CRM Optimization

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As the world at large has become more data driven, marketing technology companies like Numberly increasingly rely on their ability to deliver the best insights from diverse, voluminous datasets to gain a competitive advantage. Generating the greatest return on marketing and advertising spend hinges on their ability to deliver precisely targeted, relevant and timely messages.
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Numberly is an international data-marketing technology company generating true incremental value both for consumers and its clients. They work with different sectors such as retailers, banks, and insurance providers.
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The data collection, machine learning and activation ecosystem on Cloudera is fueling real-time marketing analytics, ad bidding and recommendation engines at scale and is a core asset of Numberly. Numberly especially appreciates the Cloudera tool that supports critical security and governance needs.
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35 percent increase in advertising click rates, better understanding and optimization of attendee traffic flow, 20 percent reduction in new customer acquisition costs.
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