Imperva Case Studies Automating Protection of AWS Environment with Imperva: A Case Study
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Automating Protection of AWS Environment with Imperva: A Case Study

Automating Protection of AWS Environment with Imperva: A Case Study - Imperva Industrial IoT Case Study
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DigiCert was not satisfied with their previous DDoS mitigation solution on AWS as it excessively scrubbed traffic and blocked legitimate traffic. They needed a new security solution that provided both WAF protection and DDoS mitigation across their hybrid environment. They wanted to automate the security process as much as possible and reduce false positives.
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DigiCert is a provider of scalable TLS/SSL and PKI solutions for identity and encryption. They serve Fortune 500 companies and global banks, offering certificate lifecycle management and security solutions. DigiCert needed a security solution that could protect their applications and data workloads on AWS and provide seamless protection from web application exploits.
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DigiCert implemented Imperva's WAF and DDoS mitigation solution to protect their hybrid environment. Imperva's advanced threat detection technology automatically analyzes traffic to identify and block web application attacks. Granular filters and controls reduce false positives and prevent access from unwanted visitors. Imperva's solution has improved visibility into DigiCert's application environment and continuously monitors behavior, sending automated alerts when suspicious activity is discovered. The solution provides fully integrated protection for DigiCert's hybrid application workloads and allows them to manage security efforts from a single pane of glass.
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DigiCert has been able to quickly identify and deal with suspicious activity, preventing them from becoming problems that could impact their business. Imperva's solution has helped DigiCert identify and investigate real threats instead of wasting time on false positives. The ease of deployment provided by Imperva allowed for quick implementation and scaling to DigiCert's needs. Throughout a large-scale attack, Imperva's solution adapted and kept DigiCert's applications secure and available with no outages. The convenient user interface allows the DigiCert team to accomplish more with fewer resources.
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