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Automates Protection of AWS Environment

Automates Protection of AWS Environment - Imperva Industrial IoT Case Study

Given the nature of DigiCert’s business, they are subjected to some form of attack (usually multiple attacks) on a daily basis. As their usage of AWS grew, and they embraced a true hybrid model, DigiCert realized they needed a new security solution.

To eliminate management complexity, DigiCert wanted a solution from a single provider that delivered both WAF protection and DDoS mitigation across their entire hybrid environment.

The solution would have to manage risk and monitor all traffic to rapidly identify threats, while only allowing valid traffic to gain access to their applications.

After doing their research and testing, DigiCert determined that Imperva, an APN Security Competency Partner, met all their application security needs.

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DigiCert, Inc. is an American digital security company headquartered in Lehi, Utah, with offices in Australia, Ireland, Japan, India, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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DigiCert implemented Imperva to protect their hybrid environment. They were already using Imperva’s WAF on-premises to defend against Layer 7 attacks, known threats, and zero-day attacks to rapidly identify the threats that required investigation.

By expanding their usage of Imperva, DigiCert was able to extend protection to AWS and maintain their security posture both during and after migration.

As a result, Imperva has protected DigiCert’s AWS workloads for the entire time they have been running on the cloud. The Imperva solution has enabled DigiCert to improve visibility into their application environment, both on-premises and on AWS.

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